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Website Monitoring and Management

Your website is the online extension of your business. Do you know how your visitors experience your website, right now?

With over 97% of internet users looking for local goods and services online, your business’s website can be an incredibly rewarding marketing tool. Website speed and uptime are often overlooked but are both critical factors in Google search engine ranking and user experience.

There are many factors like web server issues, broken links, malware (website version of a virus), flaws in the website’s coding architecture, etc. that can negatively affect the website performance at anytime. Though technical issues are common for websites, it is important that they are found and corrected before potential customers notice them. Our maintenance solution completely removes the uncertainty, risk, and hassle out of maintaining your website.

Let us take all of the hassle out of managing your website.

Uptime Monitoring – Uptime is the amount of time that a website stays up and running. Since web pages can’t be seen by customers if they are down, uptime is very important. A potential transaction can be lost for every second your website is down. With consumers surfing the web at any time of the day, you would never know how many potential customers are lost during a specific time your website is experiencing downtime.

Speed/Performance Check- Website visitors tend to care more about speed than anything else. Additionally, page loading time has become an important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. In Google’s own words, “Faster sites create happy users”. Google’s position is that faster-loading pages should be ranked higher because they provide a better experience for users. If Google says you should pay attention to it, then it’s probably important.

Broken Link Detection – Broken links are links that lead to pages that do not exist. Broken links are not just annoying – they are bad for SEO. Links are how search engine spiders navigate your site and if they can find their way around your site, they can rank it. But if links are broken, the spiders can’t follow them which can negatively impact your search engine ranking. Google’s main objective is to create a better web experience for everyone which means not directing people to websites that have broken links.

Malware Detection – Simply put, web malware is a compromised webpage on a site that serves malware to a victim browsing the site. Every single day, over 10,000 websites are flagged by Google’s Safe Browsing program warning for containing malware. The scary part is that over 90% of the malware is distributed by legitimate business websites without ever knowing.